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A Few Final Words
The Russians Say It Best

The jelly bean is a bright, cheerful, and unpretentious little marvel. However, despite its humble nature, its impact on our world is absolutely unsurpassed.

Jelly beans may have been around longer than people. Beans certainly appear in the Literature, Drama, Music, Poetry, Painting and Sculpture of all ages and cultures. Without beans, there would have been no Beanzantine Empire, no Beanaissance, no Beans in the Cinema! See Beans In History and Screen Beans for examples.

Some wags insist that many modern political and social institutions are full of beans! In fact, though beans may often be found near the seat of power, (name another candy that spent eight years in the Oval Office), jelly beans have always been loved by all segments of society. Note: now that Barack Obeana is President, a Bean actually sits in the seat of power!

In Czarist Russia, jelly beans were so popular with peasants and royalty alike that all Russians shared a simple, joyous toast. Because it speaks to all who love The Bean, we pass it on to you.

The next time you share good beans with friends, lift your glass high and proclaim, "Dos Beans Downya!"*

*Roughly translated: "[Get] Those beans down [inside] you!"

Copyright 1995, 2009 Jerry Jindrich. All rights reserved.
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