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Jelly Bean Delights has partnered with Chateau Meddybemps and to bring you an unsurpassed and hitherto unimagined collection of original Bean fashions, peerless accessories, and fabulous household items. Mouth-watering samples are displayed below. More products are in the proverbial pipeline.

Shopping Queen Mousepad
Gotta Dance! Mug
Gotta Dance! Mug Bean Spotters Hat
Gotta Dance! Mug Gotta Dance! Mug Bean Spotters Hat Gotta Dance! Mug
You will find Jelly Bean Delights products intermingled with Chateau Meddybemps products. Do not be alarmed. In fact, if you have children or know some, you may see something that the child in your life would really appreciate. Go ahead. Stimulate the economy. Keep those dollars moving. At Jelly Bean Delights and Chateau Meddybemps, our motto is (out of necessity), "Will create good humor for food."

Click here to visit our page on for the full range of goodies.

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