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Welcome to the Bean Spotters Guide

Beano Sapiens(TM) (human bean), for those readers who have never heard of the species, are giant jelly beans who generally look and act just like Homo Sapiens (human being - like you and me).

Outwardly, Beano Sapiens are almost indistinguishable from the rest of mankind. Inside, they're a mass of jelly - sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes very strange. Usually, they're harmless and live lives of quiet desperation like the rest of us. Some make great contributions to civilization. Others are absolute ne'er-do-wells.

Some of your friends and neighbors are Beans. A few relatives could be, too. Many of our ancestors must have been.
Bean Toulouse Lautrec Napoleon Beanoparte Muffy Vanderbean Robean Hood

How did they get this way? Discover the answer in the fascinating tale of two witches, The Legend of Chateau Meddybemps. If that seems a little far-fetched, try the near-fetched view of many worthy scientists.

How can you tell if someone is a Bean? This spotter's guide will help you with descriptions and pictures. Study the Gallery of Recent Sightings to sharpen your spotting skills.

What does it take to get in on the fun? Nothing. Bean watching is easy and free! But there are some useful Tips and you'd be wise to outfit yourself with The Right Stuff.

What if you spot one?
  1. Grin proudly.
  2. Put a check mark by the bean's name on your Bean Spotter's Life List.
  3. If you find a bean not included on our list, draw a picture, write a description, and share your experiences with bean spotters around the world. See The Details.

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