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The Glossary of Important Scientific and Cultural Jelly Bean Terminology
Selected complex terms have been illustrated for the imagination-impaired

A la bon heur - (French) "It's time to eat beans."
Baked Bean - From Boston - Not a true jelly bean.
Bean Bag - Baggy eyes the morning after a beanfest.
Bean Dip - Bean with a personality problem.
Bean Pot - Belly distended from over indulgence.
Bean Counter - Person who actually counts beans.
Bean Vivant - (Latin) "I eat beans. Therefore I live happily."
Bean Voyage - Traveling to island vineyards.

Beandanna - Worn to keep hair out of face.
Beandit - Jelly bean thief.
Beandoggle - Government grant to improve jelly beans.
Beanediction - Blissfully incurable craving.
Beanefactor - Person who donates beans at beanefit.
Beanefit - Fund raiser
Beango - Tex-Mex variation of Bingo.

Beanjo - Musical weapon, as in "duelling beanjos".
Beanocular - Optical device used in beanological studies.
Beano Note - (Italian) Note only reached on beanjo.

Beanos Aires - Portugese flying (usually thrown) beans.

Bonjour - (French) Bean jar.
Bon mot - (French) Moat full of jelly beans.

Bon soir - (French) Bean saw. Tool for cutting beans in half, hence the term, "French-cut Green Beans".
Butter Bean - Smooth-talkin' politician.
Debonnaire - (French) the eldest son of a jelly bean vineyard owner, (da bean heir)
Ether Beanie - Anesthesiologist.
Grizzly Bean - Served on grits for breakfast in The South.
Honey Bean - Term of endearment.
Laser Bean - Bean with radiant flavor.
Nubean - New bean.
Old Bean - British term for over-ripe bean.
Pleb-Bean - One of the common beans.

Polar Bean - Bean with magnetic properties.

Potpourri - (French) Pod puree. Liquified mulch made from cooked and sieved bean pods.
Pro Beano - for beans - "I'll work for beans".
Queen Bean - Her Royal Sweetness, Queen Jellyanna.
Refried Bean - Bean sunburned second day in a row.
Spelling Bean - Also called Potatoe Bean.

Teddy Bean - 1. Lingerie model, 2. Plush toy.
Utop-Bean - An ideal world with limitless bean supply.

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