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Gallery of Recent Sightings
The Mall - A Bean Spotter's Paradise

Beano Sapiens, like Homo Sapiens, is drawn inexorably to America's shopping malls. Here, in the shops, on the benches, and along the great avenues of the retail world, you'll spot dozens of the most common "Human" Beans.

In this Gallery, you'll see incredible, revealing portraits of fascinating beans. Here are our latest discoveries! Feel free to browse in a random order or use this index to find a specific bean:

Al "Beani" Beanoni
Angela Beansbury
Ansel "Snap Bean" Addams
B. Bean King
Bad, Bad, Leroy Bean
Bean Counter
Bean Jovi
Bean Me Up Scotty!
"Bean Toulouse" Lautrec
Bean Workin' on the Railroad
Bean Zooka
Beanaway Toolong
Beangee Jumper
Beanintha Sun Toolong
Beanjamin Franklin
Beans & Noble
Beantrix Potter
Beanunda Theweatha
Bobo Bean (Bean Dip)
Castor Bean
Coffee Bean
Cornelius Beanderbilt
Eleanor Rigbean
Elf-Tone John
Ether Beanny
Gar "Banzo" Beans
Ibean Missinyew
Ima Fulla Beanz
Leonard Beanstein
Lima Beane
Mercedez Beanz
Mr. Green Beans
Muffy Vanderbean
Napoleon Beanoparte
O. Beanwan Kanobi
Otto Mobean
Robean Hood
Sez U. Hiyakawa
Senator Bean Doggle
The Unsinkable Molly Bean
U. Bean Forti
Werner Von Bean
"Whereyu Bean"

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