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Charades d'Chateau, Continued

Conventional Gestures & Signals
To indicate categories:

Bean Words - Pretend to type on a keyboard.

Famous Beano Sapiens(TM) - Stand erect and pose like Napolean.

Movie Title - Shade eyes with one hand and pretend to crank an old movie camera with the other.

Beanmusik and Songs - Pretend to sing.

Quote or Phrase - Make little quotation marks in the air with your fingers.

To indicate other factors:

Number of words: Hold up like number of fingers.

Word you're working on: Hold up like number of fingers.

Individual syllable, (if you must): Lay the number of fingers across your forearm.

Length of word: Make little or big sign like you're measuring a fish.

"Sounds like": Cup one hand behind an ear.

"Longer version of...": Pretend to stretch a piece of elastic.

Anything else: Invent whatever makes the most sense, and have fun!

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