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Charades d'Chateau, Continued

  1. Fold Charade slips to hide their contents and divide into the two baskets (one for each team).
  2. Divide your guests into two teams.
  3. Instruct each team to choose a captain.
  4. Select a neutral time- and scorekeeper or pick the most trustworthy person on each team to take turns
  5. Agree upon the number of rounds to be played. Two or three turns per player might be a wise number for a game (addicts and wild people will demand more).
  6. Review conventional gestures and hand signals and invent any others you deem appropriate.

Rules of Play
  1. Captain of Team A draws Charade slip from Team A basket and hands it to first player on Team B.
  2. When player opens the slip, Timekeeper notes time and says, "Start". Team B then has precisely three minutes to determine the Charade. When the Charade is discovered, the time is recorded. If the Charade is not learned in the three minutes, the timekeeper announces, "Halt", and records a time of three minutes.
  3. Second half of round begins with captain of Team B giving a Charade slip to first Team A player, and so on until all rounds have been played or until players revolt.

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