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"Ich bean in Berliner!"
(The beans in Berlin are not very tasty!) - JFK to a convention of German growers.

"Bean me up, Scotty."
- Captain Quirk of the Starship Vintnerprise as he struggled to free himself from a herd of cling-on kudzu vines.

"The problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."
- (You must remember this) Monsieur Rick to Ilsa in Casabeanca.

"Get thee to a beanery."
- Hamlet to Ophelia in the scene where he tells her to buy some more jelly beans for the crowd to munch on during the play.

"To bean, or not to bean, is that the question?"
- Hamlet to anyone who will listen. He goes on to wonder if it's nobler to put up with the stings and errors of outrageous fortune cookies (they were full of insults and slander in those days), or to take something for the insomnia and hearburn they caused. He decides in the end that the consumption of jelly beans is devoutly to be wished.

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